Dirgodaz Azarbaijan

About us

Dirgodaz Azarbaijan company with the production capacity of 35 thousand tons per year and obtaining ISO 9001-10004 international certificates and with several years of activity in the field of production of refractory products used in important industries of the country, including steel and foundry, cement, petrochemical industries , glass, tile, ceramic, sugar and plaster power plant and... and the opening of the new phase

The company includes calcination and special granulations, as well as exports to the countries of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azarbaijan, Iraq, Syria and Armenia, and its readiness to produce all kinds of refractory products, including: the production of all kinds of alumina refractory masses up to 97% and MCC masses and LCC and ULCC - the first producer of cement coils for induction furnaces - prouction of gunning (spraying) masses used in cement and steel, oil and petrochemical industries - production of refractory complex parts - production of Patil and Tandish masses for steel and foundry industries, special corundum masses , zirconia, spinel, cordierite and mulaite.